104-year-old Marine Bill White surprised thousands with Valentine’s Day cards

104-year-old Marine Bill White surprised thousands with Valentine's Day cards

Stockton, California – At the age of 104, Major Bill White was every inch Marine in World War II. He has seen combat, but he has never seen so many valentines.

Every day for the week, Valentine’s Day cards and gifts are arriving by truckload at the Ox Assisted Living Center, all addressed to White. It began simply enough, when employees of The Oaks and White’s daughter, Mary, made a small request on social media. She said that they were hoping that her father would get 104 valentines.

“Someone gave me 140,000 different pieces last time,” White said.

Chief Bill White

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Now almost every surface of the assisted living center is covered with valentines. They come from schoolchildren, veterans and families who know the sacrifice of service.

“Both my father and father-in-law served in World War II,” one card says.

He and White read as much as they can. His favorite is less, but says, “You’ve stolen America’s hearts.” Perhaps never before has Valentine’s Day given more affection to a person.

“It’s just beyond my weak powers of understanding,” White said.

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