A couple flying in the house with their newly adopted daughter received a baby shower on significance

A couple flying in the house with their newly adopted daughter received a baby shower on significance

New dad Dustin Moore admitted on Twitter that it was a tough week. The California nutritionist did not want to spread his grievances on social media, saying he wanted to change the mood. So, instead of talking about his difficult week, he shares a story of recent days – the day he and his wife brought their new daughter home.

“I hope our story encourages you, and reminds you that there is a need for good in this world,” Moore wrote in a heartbreaking story on Twitter.

“A long time ago, my wife and I boarded a flight to @ SouthwestWest with our recently adopted baby daughter,” he wrote. When the couple boarded the plane, Moore apologized to his co-workers – as many parents with children feel pressured to do while flying.

“Regarding mid-flight, our daughter woke up and politely informed us she wanted a brand new diaper,” Moore’s Twitter thread continued. “After searching for a place to change the table, a thoughtful flight attendant (named Jenny) cleared a place behind the plane and gave us privacy.”

The kind treatment from Jenny was the first of many on this flight home. After that, flight attendants and co-workers praised the couple for their new baby girl.

On the flight, Moore went on to ask passengers why he was flying with such a young child – they had just accepted him and brought him home. Moore told CBS News that he and his wife chose his newborn daughter in Colorado, where he was born, and when they boarded a flight to California, he was only eight days old. The couple is not sharing their daughter’s name or her photo as a condition of their adoption.

“About 10 minutes later, another attendant (named Bobby) greeted us with a w / warm smile and inquired about our daughter,” Moore’s Twitter thread continued. “We repeated the w / a few details of the story and he greeted us before leaving. Me and my wife and I exchanged curiosities, but thought nothing of it.”

“After that, we heard the intercom,” Moore wrote. “Attendant Bobby came and announced a special guest on the flight. Our daughter.”

Bobby tells of the new joy bundle of Moby and his wife, Karen. “The whole cabin burst into cheers and applause,” Moore wrote.

Subsequently, the flight attendant said crews were going out with pens and napkins so that passengers could write about the advice or encouragement of new parents. “As we sat in silly gratitude, people looked to their chairs to greet us,” Moore’s source continued.

Moores left their Southwest plane with enough notes to fill a photo album left The strangers on the flight took the time to write words of encouragement for new parents and it made sense to the world to them.

Dustin Moore

Bobby read some notes aloud, then gave Moores a bundle of about 60০ napkins, all in kind words: “rub each other’s legs, and rub baby’s feet,” and “make time for date night,” and, “Always tell him you love him. , “Moore wrote.

The flight attendant also gave Moores a set of pilot wings for their baby girl – who had already experienced flying as a child.

Then, Moores learned that there are two types of flight attendants, Jenny and Bobby, who are quite a few. “We learned they’re married, and that someone on their honeymooner’s plane did something similar for them,” Moore said. Jenny wanted to put it forward just like the kindness they showed in their honeymoon.

“As we were coming down, people would come to us and greet us and continue to admire our beautiful daughter,” Moore wrote. “Our hearts were full.”

Moore posted another tweet: “But there’s more to these perfect strangers and not all the attendants knew, that was the sensitive tenderness of two brand-new parents,” he wrote. “Parents who were blessed with their first child after 9 years of trying. Parents are parents who are terrified but determined to take on a new role”

Moore also said, “The love flowed through the activities of two observation aircraft employees from the flight … what it meant to us was more than my ability,” “These wings and written notes convinced them to love their new daughter. How much the two new parents have developed. “

He then shared an image of a photo album where he and his wife stored all the notes they received from complete strangers on that flight. “[Twitter] “Moore writes,” What is wrong is used as a way of sharing. “I hope you take the time to share what is good” ”

Moore said he and his wife were concerned at first about how people would feel about them and their adopted daughter. “We were insecure about people not worrying too much about our daughter,” she told CBS News. “It’s not very logical, but we only worried him about what people would think of him as a virtue to accept us – we didn’t give him birth.”

“But the whole airplane was delighted, everyone took the time to share these notes with our daughter, at this point we just needed to feel safe. And to feel, ‘OK, it’s going to be great,'” he said.

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