A second body of police ID has been found in the Fi Swatliq case

A second body of police ID has been found in the Fi Swatliq case

South Carolina police on Friday identified the second body of a 6-year-old Faye Switlick as the 30-year-old neighbor of the girl, Scott Taylor. Police say they believe the two bodies are “connected.”

“Our evidence and our investigation prove that these are connected,” Sergeant and Public Information Officer Evan Antley said at a press conference Friday. Antoley said that while Taylor was Switlick’s neighbor, he insisted that he was “not a relative, he was not a friend.”

According to the sergeant, police searched the home after talking to Taylor after Switlick went missing earlier this week. Taylor’s residence is about “100 to 150 feet” away from Sweetlick, Antley said.

“We talked to Mr. Taylor, we were inside his house,” he said.

Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher officially identified Taylor as a 30-year-old white male. He said more information would be provided after the autopsy was completed this weekend.

On Thursday, authorities announced that Sweetlick’s body was found, Three days after he went missing in front of his home in Keys, South Carolina. At approximately 4:30 pm on Monday, Swatlik was seen playing in his front yard. Surveillance footage later shows him dropping off a school bus.

According to Antley, police discovered the body after a piece of “critical” evidence was found that prompted them to return to a previously searched location.

On Thursday, investigators followed a sanitation truck to Cayce Hill in Churchill Heights, Antle said.

“What we were doing was emptying the cans in the trash and seeing what was revealed before the truck entered,” he said. “As part of that inquiry, we found a critique item of evidence relating to our investigation into bringing Fi Sweatlick home.”

Antley did not say what the evidence was, but shared that it was found in a garbage bin that may have been Taylor’s residence, and that the item was “listed” on a flyer for missing persons.

“Based on this finding, we narrowed down an area that we felt as the investigating team that we needed to go back and search for more evidence,” he said. “Another systematic search in that area … even though we were there more than once, we were going back.”

According to Antley, Sweetlick’s body was in a “wooded area between his residence and Napa Auto Parts” where police briefed earlier in the week.

“Based on preliminary information from the Coroners Office, we believe that Faye was not in that location for a very long time,” he said.

Antoley said police discovered Taylor’s body at his residence “moments” after Sweetlick’s body was found.

No details were provided about Taylor’s death. According to the sergeant, he had no criminal history and was not known to law enforcement before the case.

“We want more information on the millionaire Taylor, starting at 3:44 on Monday afternoon,” he said.

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