Apple must pay employees for security checks of bags and phones after work

Apple must pay employees for security checks of bags and phones after work

The Supreme Court of California has ordered Apple to pay its store employees for off-the-clock mandatory bags and phone checks for time spent by managers or security personnel.

on a court count Released on Thursday, Judge Tani Kentill-Sakau said the decision is retrospective for employees, although it is unclear how much Apple will have to pay. In January, Apple reported quarterly revenue of approximately $ 92 billion and profit of $ 22.3 billion.

The verdict stems from a 2013 case when two employees – Amanda Fralekin and Dean PelĂ© – led a class action court case Apple reportedly should have paid for employees’ security searches when they went out. While the US District Judge dismissed the case in 2015, attorneys for employees appealed to the state Supreme Court later that year.

Cantil-Sakauye wrote in his ruling that there were holes in Apple’s argument, such as the contention that employees are not required to bring bags to work.

“Given that Apple requires its employees to wear Apple-branded apparel while working, but instructs them to remove or cover such attire outside the Apple Store, it is reasonable to assume That some employees will carry a change of their work uniform or clothes. A bag to follow Apple’s mandatory dress code policy, “she wrote.

The state’s High Court ruled that the search for Apple employees was originally required, which would now have to be paid by law to those employees.

“Apple can narrow its bag-search policy to narrowly or roughly as it wishes and reduce the time required for exit searches,” Cantil-Sakauye wrote. “But it should give compensation to the employees to whom the policy applies for the time waiting for these discoveries.”

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