Australian Army troops care for koalas rescued from bushfire on Kangaroo Island

Australian Army troops care for koalas rescued from bushfire on Kangaroo Island

We all have 24 hours a day but some people spend better time with them than others. Soldiers with the Australian Army are using their downtime to help rescue koalas.

According to a post on the brigade’s Facebook page, troopers from the Ninth Brigade’s army nibbled on koalas while feeding them at Cleland Wildlife Park, adjacent to the city of Adelaide. The koalas were transported from there Kangaroo Island, Which was devastated by Bushfire that destroyed the continent In recent months.

“১ Regiment Emergency Assistance Force is using their rest periods to lend a helping hand to the Cleland Wildlife Park,” the post said, “assisting our furry friends during feeding and by creating mounting mounts inside the park. Our hard working team on the Adelaide Hills.”

The 16th Regiment Emergency Assistance Force is using their leisure time to lend a helping hand to Cleland Wildlife …

Someone sent something to the post office Ninth Brigade – Australian Army On 2020 January Thursday

Kangaroo Island was called “Noah’s Ark” because of its unique environment, BBC News reported. However, there are now fears that the island of Kangaroo may never fully recover Fire.

Sam Mitchell, who runs Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, said that as the flames approached last month, most people were removed – but his family could not leave the animal behind.

“You cannot move 800 animals, including water buffalo, ostriches and cassowaries [an ostrich-like bird], “He told BBC News.” We have decided that if we cannot remove them we will see if we can save them. Our army helped. Somehow, we were saved. It burns around us. “

It is estimated that half of the 50,000 koalas on Kangaroo Island Died in the fire. Many of the survivors were brought to Wildlife Park, where a temporary clinic was established, BBC News reported.

Eighteen koalas from the island were then transferred to the mainland Cleland Wildlife Park. Says the park They came from the west end of the island, “where most, though not all, of their habitats were lost in the recent bushfire.”

At first the koalas were kept separate, but now they are encircled – and the military is helping. Soldiers helped build climbing structures for the use of koalas in their new home, as seen in their Facebook posts.

MP Vicki Chapman Post a video Helping soldiers build a cavalry enclosure.

Kangaroo island koalas are special because they are chlamydia-free and have a low infection rate called KORV, two diseases Plague a lot of cola In Australia, according to the National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia.

The team of koalas brought to Cleland will form part of a disease-free insurance population and help researchers generally learn more about the diseases that koalas have.

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