Bailey Nielsen, 11-year-old girl, brings Load AR-15 to Idaho for hearing on gun law

Bailey Nielsen, 11-year-old girl, brings Load AR-15 to Idaho for hearing on gun law

An 11-year-old girl appeared at a legislative hearing in Idaho on Monday with a loaded weapon of an AR-15 attack. Bailey Nielsen was with her grandfather, who is supporting a proposal that would allow visitors to Idaho who can legally carry a concealed handgun within the city limits near firearms.

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Charles Nielsen, 58, and his 11-year-old granddaughter, Bailey Nielsen, testified Monday in front of a house panel at the Idaho Statehouse. On February 24, 2020 in Boise, Idaho.

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Charles Nielsen addressed the committee that voted to send the legislation to the full House as his granddaughter stood with arms on his right shoulder. She did not speak.

“Bailey is carrying a loaded AR-15,” Charles Nielsen told MPs. “People live in fear, panicked by what they don’t understand. She’s been shooting since she was 5. She got her first deer with this weapon at age 9. She plays it responsibly Is. She knows she doesn’t have to put her finger on it. Trigger. We live in fear in a society that is fed fear on a daily basis. “

He said Bailey was an example of someone who could pick up a gun responsibly, and lawmakers should pass it on to non-residents.

“When they arrive in Idaho, they should be able to carry them in hiding, because they carry them responsibly,” he said. “They are law-abiding citizens. This is the criminal we have to worry about.”

There was no notable reaction among MPs for the girl carrying the AR-15, and no one asked Charlie Nielsen any questions. Gun law is being debated, especially handguns on belt holsters, guns are not uncommon in the Stateshouse. Longer rifles such as the AR-15s also appear occasionally.

Some Idaho lawmakers are known to carry concealed weapons in the statehouse. State police patrol the Statehouse, and one and sometimes two are usually present at committee meetings where feelings may be strong.

Republican Representative, Christie Jeeto, who is proposing a measure to be opposed by three Democrats on the House State Affairs Committee, said the legislation aims to clear up confusion about state gun laws. Backers also say that this will give people the ability to defend themselves when needed.

Idaho residents and 18-year-olds are permitted to carry a secret cart within the city limits in Idaho without a permit or training following a new law in the summer of last year. This law would extend to any legal resident of the United States or a member of the US Armed Services.

Jito said, “I stand before you today as a mother and grandmother who had to use a gun to protect their child.” She said that two men once accompanied their daughter inside her vehicle.

“Even though I didn’t have to pull the trigger, just the fact that they could see it, and they knew that I had it, was the determining factor,” Jeeto said.

Opponents say that allowing teenagers to carry concealed weapons without any necessary training within the city limits is a bad idea and could lead to firing. If the bill becomes law, Idaho will be among the few states that allow that type of secret carry.

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