Bill de Blasio has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president

Bill de Blasio has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president

New York – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is backing Bernie Sanders for president, a move that will lead De Blasio to oppose Sanders’ new rival Mike Bloomberg, his predecessor in leading the country’s largest city.

De Blasio, the 20-year-old selectman, will campaign for Sanders this weekend in Nevada, the Sanders campaign said in a news release Friday. De Blasio is expected to be an important surrogate for Sanders and four years after concentrating on his presidential endorsement, and after the preliminary process is over, Vermont instead of Senator in Vermont, who has shared a lot of his ideals.

“I stand with Bernie because he is with a working-class family and has always been,” De Blessio said in a news release. “New Yorkers are well aware of the harm caused by Donald Trump’s xenophobia, bigotry and recklessness, and Bernie is a candidate for adoption and removal.

De Blasio, whose own 2012 presidential bid ended several months before he was voted on, can take on the key role for Sanders, who now sits at the top of the Democratic field’s progressive constituency as senators square off against several more moderate elections. Including Bloomberg, who led De Blasio to New York 12 years ago including

Bernie Sanders says the United States is already a “socialist society” under Trump

De Blasio’s 2013 campaign was marked by a Bloomberg scandal, the city overseeing rebuilding itself after September 11, 2001, making terrorist attacks the safest city in the country and the top tourist destination. But during the Bloomberg era there was a sharp rise in income inequality and concerns about police tactics such as Stop and Frisk, which had a relatively positive impact on the apartheid community.

Snow’s relationship with his predecessor, De Blasio, has repeatedly expressed his opposition to the billionaire’s late bid for the presidency.

“It’s a Democratic party that is getting more progressive today, which Bloomberg wants to address the concerns of working people who do not accept this status quo,” Bloomberg said after announcing his candidacy. “There is no other way in the world that we should nominate a billionaire who reflects this stability.”

The Bloomberg campaign declined to comment on Friday’s approval.

Additionally, the strongest part of De Blasio’s political base at home is that African American voters have been drawn to his commitment to police reform by fighting income discrimination and fighting against his family. The mayor’s goal was to exacerbate this concern as the Democrat nomination moves to more diverse states like Nevada and South Carolina.

De Blasio has long sought progressive ideas of playing an outsize role on the national stage but has struggled to raise his profile beyond New York City. Before the presidential election, he sponsored a presidential forum that was canceled due to a lack of interest in the candidates, and his own advisers expressed regret over how he supported the campaign.

Although De Blasio was heavily associated with Sanders, his loyalty to Clinton was also indebted; She was the campaigning campaigner for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate in New York, and the former first couple chaired the mayor’s inauguration in 2013. But De Blasio has been sitting on his picks for months, and his final recognition for Clinton was dismissed. For a secondary role in democratic conferences and propaganda.

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