Body camera video: Florida girl forced into mental health service asks officer if he’s going to jail

Body camera video: Florida girl forced into mental health service asks officer if he's going to jail

A police officer who was transporting a Florida girl from Florida Mental health care was forced to go after an incident at school He is heard saying “cheerful” in body camera footage. He publicly questions why the girl is being taken.

Nadia King has been removed from school under the Baker Act, the law forcing authorities to prescribe a mental illness to someone who is considered a danger to themselves or others. A social worker who responded to the incident at Jacksonville’s Love Grove Elementary School said Nadia was “destroying school property” and “assaulting staff,” the sheriff’s report said.

However, video of the police body camera shows that a dual county sheriff’s deputy is kicking Nadia out of school on February 4. Nadia is asked by the officer, “Am I going to jail?”

“No, you’re not going to jail,” the officer says.

Police ask Nadia officer inside the car to see if she has some food. “No, I don’t have a snack. I wish I had.”

While in custody, deputies are also heard talking to Nadia about other officers.

“He was actually very pleasant. Right? Very pleasant,” the officer said.

“I think a lot more of it doesn’t know how to deal with it,” said another officer.

At one point it was Nadia with ADHD and mood disorder that she didn’t understand where she was going.

“Is this a field trip?” He asked.

“Well I call it a field trip, anything field trip away from school, right?” An officer responds.

Nadia was kept in a mental health area away from her mother for 48 hours. His mother, Martina Falk, broke the body camera while watching the video.

“I can’t comment,” he said.

Falk’s attorney, Rignell Reeves, said, “She’s mournful. She’s scared.

They argue that Nadia should never be taken to a mental health center.

“If you can’t deal with a 5-pound baby who is 50 years old, you shouldn’t study,” Reeves said.

Duval County Public Schools officials say student privacy laws prevent them from discussing the case in detail. They did not respond to the body camera video, but said in an earlier statement that the preliminary review showed that the school’s transfer “complies with the law, both in the best interest of this student and all other students in the school.”

The family is now planning to sue.

“He’s going on a field trip to hell that’s where he was going, and his life has changed forever,” Reeves says.

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