CBS News Poll: In South Carolina, Biden’s keynote speech, with Sanders and Steyer on his heels

CBS News Poll: In South Carolina, Biden's keynote speech, with Sanders and Steyer on his heels

The competition in South Carolina looks very different in its final week, as it was last fall. Joe Biden (28%) has a single-digit lead with only Bernie Sanders (23%) now just behind him. The race has fallen considerably since the fall, when Biden led the field with 28 points. The endorsement of the former Vice President has been reduced to double digits by Sanders and businessman Tom Steyer. Steyr stands at 18%.

The election was ended Saturday night in Nevada’s caucus before Sanders won – though most South Carolina voters told us that Nevada’s results would not affect them.

Although Biden continues to lead among African-Americans – who make up the majority of the state’s Democratic voters – his support with black voters has declined by 19 points since.


Biden has also conceded defeat with white voters. He led the Whites in November, but Sanders now does.

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Steyr entered the race at the top level with 2% to 18% of the vote in November. Support for him has grown rapidly among black voters.

Among South Carolina Democrats who were included as part of the poll, three of 10 voters who supported Biden in November switched to another candidate – half of them now (15%) supporting Steyer. Huh.

President Trump is given the highest priority for South Carolina Democrats, including both black and white voters, but black voters express more confidence than white voters that Democrats will nominate someone who can actually do so Are: 46% are very confident compared to just 19% of white voters.

Black voters give Biden the best chance of defeating Mr. Trump, while White is divided between Biden and Sanders.


Many black voters feel that Biden understands the needs and problems of black voters “a lot” – more than any other candidate. Steyers and Sanders also do well on this measure. For most candidates, the majority of black voters say they understand their concerns, at least some.


Batigiag has not found much traction with black voters since the fall, and just 13% say he understands the needs and problems of black voters a lot – far less than the current front. Boating is now receiving 4% black votes, compared to 2% in November. Warren and Klobuchar are also receiving single-digit support among black voters.

Biden’s performance in Iowa’s early competitions and new Hampshire He may have been doing some harm to her. About 10 in 10 South Carolina Democrats (including most white voters) feel that the result of those two races reduces the likelihood that she will be a candidate. Among this group of voters, Sanders is the top choice and feels that the candidate has the best chance of defeating Mr. Trump.

In the days leading up to primary, health care, South Carolina Democrats are the top issue (42%), wanting to hear about the economy and jobs (30%) and gun policy (12%).

This CBS News survey is conducted by YouGov between February 20-22, 2020. A representative sample of 2,000 was chosen from among the registered voters in South Carolina, including 1,238 self-identified Dem ed Democrats, as well as independents, who plan to vote in the Democratic primary this year. . The sample was weighted by gender, age, race, and education based on voter registration lists and the US Census Current Population Survey, as well as the 2016 presidential vote. The margin of error is about 5.5 points.

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