China’s coronavirus death toll has risen as the braces in the United States for a long battle

China's coronavirus death toll has risen as the braces in the United States for a long battle

The head of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the new coronavirus, which has killed about 1.5 people and still spreads to China, could last for at least another year. The Chinese government, on Thursday, reported 125 more deaths and more than 4 new cases, and the disease, known as Covid-1, did not seem to go away.

Chinese health officials in the central province of Hubei have officially changed the way the disease was diagnosed this week, with a sudden and worrying jump of nearly 14,000 new cases being recorded in the region early Thursday morning. But the person in charge of emergency management for the World Health Organization said the jump in Chinese statistics does not indicate “significant changes in the outbreak rate.”

WHO’s Mike Ryan said it wasn’t necessarily the “tip of the iceberg”.

While the disease is growing rapidly and the mainstream China has seen a growing trend of using illegal control systems, only three have been blamed elsewhere; Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan each have one. There are 15 confirmed cases in the United States, but none are said to be suffering from serious symptoms.

The novel was masked as a couple hugs after the launch of the Coronavirus on Hong Kong's Love Day.
On February 14, 2020, a couple masked at the launch of the novel Coronavirus on Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong, China.


Meanwhile, evacuees from the United States and around the world have returned to their homeland from Hubei Province and have been released into public life immediately after being cleansed of two weeks of individual illness.

The passenger on a cruise ship that landed on Friday in Cambodia who refused to enter five countries and expressed his deep gratitude to the country’s leader by welcoming them with rose flowers.

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