Coronavirus crisis disrupts mail flow in China

Coronavirus crisis disrupts mail flow in China

Postal operators in the United States, China and elsewhere say flight postponements have a major impact on the flow of correspondence and parcels worldwide to reduce the spread of a deadly new virus.

In a note released by The Associated Press on Tuesday, the US postal service said it was facing “significant difficulties” in sending letters, parcels and express mail to China, including Hong Kong and Macau, “because most of its airlines’ flights to their destination”. Suspended.

As a result and “immediately begin,” the USPS states that items destined for China, Hong Kong and Macau “cannot accept it until sufficient transportation capacity is available.”

Similarly, in a separate note released by the AP, the Singapore Post has informed its global counterpart that “it will no longer accept letter, parcel and express mail items destined for China until adequate transport capacity is available.”

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Notes were shared with postal services worldwide with the Universal Postal Union, a US headquarters in Switzerland, the main forum for postal cooperation among its 192 member countries.

In a statement to the APU, UPU said that postponing the flight due to the virus “will have an impact on delivering mail for the foreseeable future.”

“But this is hopefully temporary. The Universal Postal Union is effectively monitoring the situation and has continuous communication with the postal operators to ensure that any backlog is cleared in the shortest possible time,” it said.

The Chinese Mail Service, China Post, says it is disinfecting post offices, processing centers and vehicles for miles to prevent viruses from traveling by mail and to protect postal workers.

According to a UN post-infected China post, the virus “does not live long on objects. So it is safe to receive postal items from China,”

The note states that letters, parcels and express mails still made by China “will be provided via face-to-face procedures” the

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It says the crisis is affecting the mail that transports China to another destination. The countries affected are North Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

The note said the China Post would temporarily save the seamless transit mail “and take it to the destination country if these transportation options become available again.”

“Transportation and delivery delays should be expected during this period,” it said.

Other countries have also been reported to have disrupted the virus.

The South African Postal Service has warned of delays in receiving letters or parcels from China due to flight suspension. In Austria, the APA news agency says the Austrian Postal Service is no longer sending letters or packages to China, but Austrians can still receive mail from China. Postnard in Sweden has also said that letters can no longer be sent from there.

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