Coronavirus: How an American Couple Splits a Love Day on a Carnival Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

Coronavirus: How an American Couple Splits a Love Day on a Carnival Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

For about a month, Matthew Smith and his wife, Catherine Kodakus, boarded the Carnival’s Diamond Princess cruise ship. But they didn’t enjoy any romantic extended vacation – they did Different Due to coronavirus outbreak on the ship

More than a thousand workers are stranded on the ship, taking care of 2,666 passengers. At least 174 people have been diagnosed with the virus since the cruise, which has killed around 1,400 people. About 60,000 cases have been confirmed or suspected worldwide.

Smith said he was not concerned about him and his wife – who is from California and had been married for 21 years – signed the contract. Wicked Right now.

“Physically, we’re both good,” Smith told CBS News’ Patricia Corrigan on Friday. “” There is no evidence of any illness. “

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Matthew Smith and Catherine Kodakus on a previous trip. The couple was stuck in the Diamond Princess Cruise ship at Carnival for about a month following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Matthew Smith

He, however, said that the separation of the two gave emotional stress.

“Emotionally and emotionally, it’s kind of, almost like, swimming around a little bit,” he said. “After such a long time, and this long-hidden, perhaps most enthusiastic person – there may be moments where you’re thinking, ‘OK, I’m really tired now. Can I leave?’ But we have to admit that we are under it and trying to find the end of what we have the day before. ”

Smith has taken to Twitter to update and provide time daily Food review From ship to ship, his followers rejoice.

Cruise passenger workers did not expect to be celebrated Love day With these passengers, however, they did their best to make the day special. Smith said the ship prepares heart-shaped confectionery-themed menus and brings the couple a long-tender red rose, some dark chocolate, lips and a Japanese snack.

Many Japanese women celebrate their partner’s love day with chocolate. Next month, launch White dayThe men return the favor and return the chocolates.

“I told him I’d get his chocolate when we got home March 8,” Smith said.

Some couples have spent some time stuck in their house watching some movies, an activity that they do not do very much back home. Smith said the ship is “comedy short,” but they saw “The Goldfunch” and are planning to watch “Lost Ark’s Seeker,” one of their favorite films for Love Day.

He joked that they were avoiding movies involving “boats and diseases.”

Carnival, the owner of Princess Cruises, has suspended operations from the port of China, and as a result has now canceled travel to other parts of Asia. Outbreak. The ship’s lockdown is scheduled for February 19 – 14 days after the separation period begins, and 29 days after Smith and Kodakus first sailed.

“We are confident that within the next week we will be symptom-free, virus-free and they have decided to do this, but the Japanese Ministry of Health will let us quarantine,” Smith said.

When they were finally released, they planned to travel to Tokyo a few nights before returning to the U.S. to return to Las Vegas. Are they waiting for the most food? “Tacos!” Smith said.

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