Coronavirus news: Cal State Northridge student trapped in China almost a month after epidemic outbreak

Coronavirus news: Cal State Northridge student trapped in China almost a month after epidemic outbreak

A Tomorrow State University Northridge student is in China near the epicenter of a coronovirus outbreak on Thursday night – her semester turns into a health care nightmare while studying abroad, CBS Los Angeles Reported.

“I would never cry,” said Nancy Crank, the student’s mother.

24-year-old student is stuck in Shandong province of China Coronavirus epidemic Broke up about a month ago. She took and shared photos with her mother, closing down empty streets. He said that the only time he leaves the house is to get food and water – on a mask.

“As a mother, you want to help,” Crank told CBS LA. “You want to fix things, and this is something that I can’t fix.”

csn-student-stuck-in-china-coronavirus.jpgSamson Adame, a CSUN student, appears in an untied photo provided by his mother at CBS Los Angeles.

But Adame thought that she would get help from her school by now.

“He told them the program was being postponed,” Crank said. “They didn’t know when it would start again. Maybe a week later, it was postponed, but they’re telling him, ‘Things are worse. Get on an airplane. We need to get our flight number. Explain.”

But Crank said there was no option for her son, who is living in a village 300 miles from the nearest airport and was concerned about dealing with the deadly disease while traveling.

Complaining of even more cases, the university informed Adame that his travel insurance had been dropped as the program was canceled.

“He’s the last person to get help without any form of insurance,” Crank said.

The university said it could not specifically address Adam’s case, but issued a statement that said: “Campus officials worked to provide assistance and resources for the affected people, And are working with the Chinese Consulate to help facilitate the return of each person. “

Crank said she believes another Cal State Northridge student may live in Wuhan, adding that if her son can’t go home, she would at least want to protect him with health insurance.

“Throw something out there and say we will take care of these two students until they return,” she said.

And now there are almost 1,500 deaths occurred due to illness And in thousands of cases in China, Crank said she was trying to stay positive, because the village where her son lives does not have a single case of the disease.

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