Cuimo rejected the order to seek asylum in NYC

New York's Coronavirus: NYC will close all outlets and restrict restaurant service, Mayor de Blasio says

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday night dismissed the idea of ​​having a suburb of New York City Shelter-in-place Policy due to coronavirus epidemic – City Mayor Bill de Blasio told residents they should be “ready now” for the possibility.

“I don’t think the shelter in the place really works for a local,” Governor Cuomo said in an interview. CNN.

The Queens native says that as a “New York City boy” himself, he hopes New Yorkers won’t obey the order, and it won’t work in the rest of the state.

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“We’re very good at complying with the rules,” Cuomo said. “You say shelter in the place – if you’re in New York City, I’ll be in Westchester with my sister, right? Really make a policy like this in one part of the state so I don’t think it works.”

“Actually, I’m going so far that you don’t even think you can do a statewide policy,” he added.

Mayor de Blasio said at a press conference earlier that New Yorkers “should be ready now for the possibility of shelter in place,” and a decision could be reached within the next two days.

“It hasn’t happened yet but it’s definitely a possibility at this point,” De Blessio said. “I believe that the decision should be made within the next 5 hours, and this is a very, very difficult decision.”

De Blasio, of course, has no authority to make such a national call – it must come from Cuomo. The governor’s office emphasized this in a preliminary statement issued after De Blasio’s press conference.

The statement said, “In the policy, any blanket will require state action for segregation or shelter, and as the Governor has said, no consideration has been given to any locality so far.”

Kuom also reported “60 minutes” On Sunday, he “couldn’t imagine” New York City facing a quarantine situation similar to that seen in some European countries.

Quid-1: Will New York City be Separated?

Millions of people in seven counties in California have been ordered to shelter in place of help Contains coronavirus. California is the only state to date where this national order has been issued.

All non-essential travel is prohibited and all residents have to work from home unless employed in “essential” services such as police, firearms, transit and sanitation. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and gas stations are still open and restaurants are only open for takeout.

Violation of an order in California is an offense punishable by jail, a fine, or both.

CBS New York A possible shelter location for New York City will likely include a method to ensure people can visit grocery stores and pharmacies.

Both New York City and the state have adopted Strict measures To stop the spread of coronavirus last week. New York’s main cultural attractions, schools, gyms, theaters, casinos and concert venues are closed, and bars and restaurants are simply takeout and distribution. Cuomo banned the rally from 50 people or more across the state.

The mayor says New Yorkers should be prepared to shelter in place

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