Dwayne Wade opens up about a difficult time in a relationship with Gabriel Union: “I had a child with someone else and I had to tell”

Dwayne Wade opens up about a difficult time in a relationship with Gabriel Union: "I had a child with someone else and I had to tell"

Dwyane Wade appears to be an open book – even though some chapters of his life are difficult to reveal. In a new ESPN documentary, “D. Wade: Life Unexpected,” the former NBA star speaks of a challenging time in his life: telling his then-girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, that she gave birth to a child. He did not know about it.

Wade and Union began dating in 2008. But the NBA star gave birth to a child with someone else in 2013, when he and Sangha were on a break, According to Entertainment Tonight, A CBS News Partner.

“I had a baby with someone else and I had to tell [Union]. According to ET, in the Wade documentary, Wade says, “I have rarely had to do what ManBrad Union told me that I had a child with someone else.” I was not eating. “

“When you get hold of something that you know is going to come out and you know this and you know that this f *** is going to enhance someone’s life, that you care, that You love, if it doesn’t hurt you, you’re not a human being, “Wade says in the documentary that he and the union” went through something that you never want to leave and we still came out of it. “

Wade and Union managed to overcome a difficult situation, married in 2014 and welcomed a baby girl Kavya via surrogate last year.

Although the power couple officially got together in 2008, it seems that Wade had been crushing on the actress for a very long time. Wade’s manager revealed in the documentary that the basketball star had union posters in college.

In the documentary, Wade also states that his children, Zaire, Xavier and Zaya, always loved Union and included him in their proposal. “She wasn’t just marrying me, she was getting married with all this stuff,” he says. Wade was also the patron of his nephew Dahevon, who is now 18 years old.

“De Wade: Life Unexpected,” which will air on February 23, according to ET, features home movies and never-before-seen moments. “It was 10 years to make the film,” Wade said in a tweet.

Talked to Wade in the documentary premiere ET’s determined turner In the film, he spoke openly about things including his 12-year-old child Jaya. Who recently appeared as transgender.

“Well, we’re not the only family that deals with everything that is spoken about us,” Wade told Turner on the premiere last week. “We are not the only family that had to deal with surrogacy to bring our daughter [Kaavia] in the world. We are not the only family that has had to deal with gender, gender identity, sexuality with their child, ”he said. Mention of jaya.

The 38-year-old said his family understands that God has given him a platform, while it is not always a “popular thing” to talk about issues that people may be uncomfortable with, his family understands that they would And they use their platform.

On Tuesday, Wade gave more information about Jaya and said, “good Morning America“He and his family” love the fact that he doesn’t have to hide who he is.

“He is our leader,” he said. Via said that Jaya, who was named Zion at birth, knew that she was transgender from the age of 3 and eventually started doing more research herself.

“She was the one who sat with us as a family and said, ‘Oh I don’t think I’m gay.” And she left the list and said that this is my identity – I identify myself as a young woman. I think I’m a straight trance, because I like boys, “said Wade.

Wade also said that he was struggling with how much he wanted to talk about in the documentary, knowing that it would be a big conversation. “This is not a game for us. We are about protecting his heart and protecting his joy and we have to support him,” he said.

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