ER: The Virginia state legislature has approved the Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment approved in Virginia, expressing hope for ratification

Both houses of the Virginia Legislature approved the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Wednesday, fulfilling campaign promises for many of the newly elected Democrats who took control At the Statehouse earlier this month. In 1972, decades after Congress approved the move, Virginia became the 38th state to pass the ERA.

Delegate Ellen Filler-Korn, the first female speaker in Virginia House history, chaired the meeting, Assistant printing press. Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, has said he supports the move.

Counsel for the ERA has argued that the amendment should now be added to the constitution, as it has been approved by two-thirds of all states. However, opponents say the 1982 deadline set by Congress is long before approved. In addition, five states – Nebraska, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky and South Dakota – have abandoned their support since the adoption of the bill in the 1970s.

The Justice Department last week issued an agreement stating that the ERA is no longer legally in front of the states due to a deadline.

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives is considering a system that will reopen the approval process. In the first proposedą„¤, the ERA did not officially pass until 1972. The purpose of the amendment was to provide equal rights for women, as well as “the equality of rights under the law will not be denied or granted by the United States or any state.”

The House Judiciary Committee held this meeting The first congressional hearing In 36 years to discuss the law in April.

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