Facebook and Twitter refuse to release Nancy Pelosi’s edited video shared by President Donald Trump

Facebook and Twitter refuse to release Nancy Pelosi's edited video shared by President Donald Trump

A post by President Trump Edited video House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shows up repeatedly on social media Copy-up a paper copy He addressed his State of Union in honor of military heroes and other guests. Pelosi’s office told Twitter and Facebook over the weekend to bring it down, but the companies refused to do so.

The video, titled “Powerful American Stories Ripped to Shreds Nancy Pelosi,” created Freedom Fights – part of the Conservative activist group Turning Point USA – and was shared by Mr Trump on his Twitter account last week. The 5 minute clip compliments Mr. Trump, and he gets shot Tuskegee Airman, Military families, mothers and children, with speeches by Pelosi shattering the speech in everyone. The video contained more than 11 million videos as of Monday afternoon.

In fact, on Tuesday night, Pelosi threw a copy at Mr. Trump’s address just after he had finished delivering – not in response to any specific honor. Then, he said that he did so because the president’s speech was a “warning of disbelief”, he was accused of repeating “lies” about healthcare laws, infrastructure and other policies.

After the edited video was posted, some Democratic lawmakers and Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hamill, called in to allow the promotion of social media giants. Hamill says the video was “purposely intended to mislead and deceive the American people.”

“The American people know that the president has no opinion about lying to them – but it is a shame to see Twitter and Facebook, the source of news for millions, doing the same thing,” Hamill Tweets Tweets, current page Friday added that “the fact that these platforms refuse to name it every day is another reminder that they care more about the interests of their shareholders than the interests of the public.”

Andy Stone, a Facebook spokeswoman, opened fire on Hamill. “Sorry, are you suggesting that the President did not make these comments and that the speaker did not break the speech?” Stone Tweets Tweets, current page. Hamill replied, “What planet do you live in? It has been disguised. Put it down.”

A day later, Stone said the company “had actually seen the features featured in this video”, and that it had pointed to Facebook’s policy, the company declined to bring it down. Scandalous media.

Likewise, a Twitter spokesperson A CBS News partner told CNET The video posted by the president did not go against any of Twitter’s current policies. Under the new rules set to go into effect in March, vexatious media posted on Twitter by political leaders can get it Alert label.

Trump’s presidential campaign spokesman Tim Murto also said CNET for Windows“If Nancy Pelosi was afraid of the images tearing up her speech, then perhaps her speech should not have been torn down.” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk Murdoch’s statement echoed Said “Pelosi is trying to stop it.”

This is the second time Pelosi has been involved with social media companies Edited footage. Last May, a doctoral video of Pelosi posted online showed him weakening as footage was slowed down.

US intelligence officials have warned of the risk of changing videos that mislead voters before the 2012 elections.

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