Former priest John Fit, who was convicted of killing Irene Garza, died in prison

Former priest John Fit, who was convicted of killing Irene Garza, died in prison

প্রাক A former priest convicted of killing a Texas schoolteacher in Texas০ has died, an official confirmed as “48 hours”. John FitThe 87-year-old was found unresponsive in his cell early Tuesday and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The primary cause of death is cardiac arrest. Fit, 25, was in the process of applying for his life sentence in the murder of Irene Garza. Prosecutors say he will not be held guilty as a result of his death.

John Fit, a young father, left. On the right, the former priest was his judge for the murder of Irene Garza of Ire১৯. On December 7, 2017, at age 85, Fit was convicted.

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“One The jury found him guilty of murder And sentenced him to life in prison. We are happy to know that the family of Irene Garza is closed, “Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez Jr. told” 48 Hours “in a statement.” I would like to sincerely thank the family of Irene Garza for their support, as long as they have for this event. “

Naomi Sigler, a relative of Irene Garza, told 8 Hours, “He is now standing before the final judge. He has never regretted killing the earth. His voice is kind to his soul.”

Garza was last seen when he left for a confession on Easter Sunday nearly 60 years ago.

His body was found in a canal five days later. Police say he was stabbed, sexually assaulted and inhaled.

Investigators turned their attention to Father John Fit, after the evidence, as if any photo slide viewer – and the inconsistencies in his stories – made them suspicious.

He would first refuse – then admit – upon hearing Garza’s last confession. Investigators became even more skeptical when they learned that a young woman had been attacked in a nearby church – three weeks before Garza died.

The woman would later identify Fit as his attacker.

In this case, Fight did not plead a felony assault charge and was fined $ 500, but the investigation into the murder of Irene Garza was over shortly. He would go on to renounce the priesthood, marry and have three children.

Rumor has it Church ield fits have been around for decades.

The case was reopened in 2002 when investigators asked the Texas Rangers cool case unit to investigate the murder again. A former monk, Dale Tacheni, Wrote to police that Fit confessed to the murder of a young woman while in a monastery in 1915.

“I was told that she had killed a woman and then was asked if she could sit in the shelter and possibly become a monk,” Tacheni told Richard Schlesinger, a reporter for “48 Hours.”

“A murderer became a monk? Did that sound strange to you,” Schlesinger asked.

Tacheni replied, “To me, yes.”

Dale Tacheni’s letter to police: “I can’t breathe”

Another priest came forward with a similar admission.

But the then district attorney, Renee Guerra, did not find the new witnesses credible.

In 2014, Schlesinger confronted John Fit outside his home in Arizona over allegations surrounding him. Former priest Irene Garza has denied the murder.

Promoted to “26 -” The Last Confession “-” 48 Hours “” Shortly after the first broadcast of the case, a new district attorney was promised who investigated the case. Was done

“There may be people who don’t understand why an elder is being sued,” said prosecutor Mike Garza. “But make no mistake. He is a vicious man. He was a hunter. He was a wolf in priestly clothing – trying to attack.”

Nearly 60 years after the assassination, the trial of the former priest will begin and end in 2017 – with Tacheni as the star witness of the prosecutors.

Tacheni died last month at the age of 90. It was his testimony that helped convict Fit.

He told Schlesinger in 2017 that he was relieved when he took the position, saying, “It was my chance to say what I knew, what I remembered.”

Fit, a former scholar, would become a convict and was sentenced to life in prison.

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