Governor warns New Orleans may run out of ventilators by early April 2

Louisiana suspended early due to coronavirus

Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards said at a press conference Thursday that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen throughout the set. He also warned that New Orleans could end the main treatment supply in early April if the state doesn’t start to flatten its curve.

According to Edwards, at least 25 positive KOID-1 deaths and fatalities have been reported in Louisiana since Thursday – eight of them reported Wednesday. Edwards said that a 17-year-old from New Orleans was among the victims and called it “a piece of extremely disturbing information.”

The virus has spread strongly in the state, especially in New Orleans. Officials estimate that New Orleans may run out of life-saving ventilators in the first week of April. Edwards echoed that warning on Thursday, saying that if the state did not level its curb soon, the city could move out of ventilators as early as April 2 and potentially get out of the hospital bed by April.

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“It’s not assumptions, it’s not some trivial theory, it’s not a scary tactic, it’s just going to happen,” he said.

CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca said physicians and elected officials believe the number of sky-touching cases is linked to Mardi Gras, a month-long celebration that typically raises crowds in the city in February, CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca said.

Bourbon Street, the reflection of the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans, closed earlier this month. Open during French Quarter Hurricane Katrina At 005.

Bars, restaurants throughout the United States are closed due to concerns about coronavirus

On Thursday, Governor Edwards emphasized that coronavirus-related incidents were spreading throughout the state. He said that not only the metropolitan area, but also the vast areas of the state, now the facts of the case have been found.

“Nobody should look at this situation and think it doesn’t involve me … this coronavirus is at your disposal,” Edwards said. “There’s no place where it’s not. There are places where we haven’t been able to identify it yet.”

The governor urged people to follow social distance guidelines and limit travel for groceries and other necessities. “All you have to do to save lives is stay home,” he said.

In his daily press briefing Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that Louisiana is a “hotspot” for the virus. There are 37,258 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York. This is by far the largest number of states in any state – but New York also has the largest number of tests in any state.

“(Louisiana) has a cluster that is growing and the people of Louisiana and New Orleans are in our thoughts and prayers,” Cuomo said. “We know how they are going, and we feel for them and we pray for them and we know they are dealing with the same situation they are facing so we can help them anyway we can, We are ready. “

Governor Edwards said that Louisiana’s treatment system without social distance would not be able to accommodate the expected trends in the trend that would come.

“If we do not bend, we cannot increase (medical) ability to meet needs. We cannot,” he said.

He added, “The things you see coming out of Italy, that don’t happen here in Louisiana, have no reason.”

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