Here are 5 things to know about mental and physical well-being from Dr. Lucy McBride

Here are 5 things to know about mental and physical well-being from Dr. Lucy McBride

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced it Wednesday Thousands of mental health professionals In the state, volunteers worked to provide free services for people suffering from coronavirus. Dr. Lucy McBride, a Washington, D.C.-based intern whose practice “joined” the connection between mental and physical health.CBS Evening News“Discussing how to maintain mental and physical well-being during practice Social distance By measuring.

Here are our key takeaways from our conversation with Dr. McBride:

1) A quick strategy for managing anxiety and stress

Dr. McBride had several recommendations for managing stress levels for people experiencing anxiety. At first, he said, “breathe deeply through the nose” “He advised people to” meditate even 30০ seconds after a day … Meditation helps bring us back to the present moment and helps us calm these stress hormones. “

Other strategies he points out are: “If you are able, try to get into nature” and practice. “Movement helps to discharge adrenaline, helps calm our mind,” he told us.

2) The relationship between mental and physical health

Dr. McBride’s DC practice is based on the connection of mental and physical health. He said that the two “are like two parallel tracks for moving trains. And if we don’t align our physical health with mental health, we are not really providing meaningful healthcare to patients.”

3) How he is advising his patients: “This is not forever”

“My job, as I see it as a doctor, is to replace fear with truth,” said Dr. McBride. For his practice patients, he reminds them of three key things: “Number one, follow the truth reliable We need to get the truth-based information from reliable sources. Number two, I’m telling them now that it’s not permanent. , You are making a difference by distancing yourself from other people that spreading the virus is actually an animal Survival is helping to control. “

4) Anxiety is normal

In addition to the physical health crisis, Dr. McBride said that the outbreak of coronavirus is a mental health crisis. He said, “If you are concerned about what makes you normal anx It is natural to worry surv It is a major threat This It is a big threat” “

5) Staying at home makes a difference

In the face of national crisis, some people feel helpless or anxious that they cannot do anything more. Dr. McBride said he reminds patients: “You’re just sitting at home. You’re socially distant… .you are making some difference by not spreading the virus”

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