In presenting the argument, Weinstein compares defense prosecutors’ creators to “writing scripts”

In presenting the argument, Weinstein compares defense prosecutors' creators to "writing scripts"

By Harvey Weinstein Lawyers told jurors Thursday that prosecutors in the rape case against him were acting like filmmakers and created a world where “women are not responsible” for how they interact with men. Attorney Donna Rotunno says Weinstein is innocent, appealing to lawyers to use “common sense in New York City” to weigh in a lawsuit seen as a reservoir for the Mito movement.

Harvey Weinstein appeared in court in his rape case, in New York, Thursday, February 13, 2020.

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Rotunno, who was angered by #MeToo supporters for the film’s mogul disdain, argued that prosecutors had to come up with “naughty tales” about the 67-year-old disgraced producer because they didn’t have evidence. Proof of complaint

“The irony is that they are the producers and they are writing the script,” said Rotunno. “In their universe, women are not responsible for their behavior when engaging with men”.

Rotunno faces a complicated task: The jury of seven men and five women meant that there were many inconsistencies and disputes in the testimony of Weinstein’s defendants, without breaking his previous promise that the jurors would hear no “victim shame.”

“There is no need to like Mr. Weinstein,” he told jurors. “This is not a competition of any popularity.”

Weinstein has been charged with raping a woman in a hotel room in Manhattan and forcing oral sex with a different woman at 20 in. Over the years, he has proven the other four accused as part of a prosecution effort to show that he has used the same tactic to torture many women over the years.

Weinstein, who did not testify, said that any sexual intercourse was consensual.

Rotunno reminded jurors that if they did not believe the details of the two women named in the indictment – Mary Haley and Jessica Mann – There is no need to evaluate the accounts of other women who testified, including “sopranos” actress Annabella Sayorra.

The jury is scheduled to hear the state’s termination hearing on Friday before Judge James Burke receives instructions on the law next week and begins negotiations.

Pictures of courtroom sketches Harvey Weinstein, left, his attorney Donna Rotunno, looking at the center, complainant Jessica Mann

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Rotunno said prosecutors would likely urge their emotions when giving their closing arguments, but urged judges to stay clear of prejudice, prejudice, sympathy or “avoid unpleasant duties.” He argued that prosecutors did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

“On behalf of Mr. Weinstein, we urge you to dare to tell them that you are not guilty,” said Rotunno.

Often in sensitive testimony, Weinstein’s accusers said he was seduced and then sexually assaulted in hotels in New York and Los Angeles, pretending to promote his acting career. The defense confronted some of the complainants in warm emails and other communications with Weinstein that the alleged assault continued for months or even years.

The jury heard about the general emails so that Mann then wrote to Weinstein to receive a party invitation from him, give him a new phone number, and express gratitude. A message read: “I feel so fabulous and beautiful, thank you for everything.”

Less than a week after he set fire to social media, he called the New York Times podcast “The Daily,” as Rotunno argued, “because I never put myself in that position.”

In court, Prosecutor Joan Iluzi-Arbon questioned the timing of the interview and criticized Rotuno for calling the prosecution’s witnesses “liars.”

“It was taped a long time ago,” Rotunno interrupted, claiming he had not spoken to anyone in the media since the lawsuit began.

He was later opposed by a Times spokesman, who told reporters that the interview was recorded on January 26 – five days after the opening speech and testimony began.

– Reporting by Cassandra Guthrie of The Associated Press and CBS News

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