Jeremy Christian has pleaded guilty to killing people who interfered with his hateful tirade on a Portland train

Jeremy Christian has pleaded guilty to killing people who interfered with his hateful tirade on a Portland train

Prosecutors say one of the men was fatally stabbed His racist tirade tried to stop A young man was convicted of killing a passenger train Friday in Portland, Oregon. Sensitive trials testifying to both the attack and the only survivor almost three years ago.

The jurors found 37-year-old Jeremy Christian guilty of the death of Talisin Namkai-Mekhe and Ricky Best. He was also convicted of stabbing and assaulting a survivor, Micah Fletcher, for attempted murder and attempted murder, on May 2, 2017, the day before May 2, 2017, on another light rail train bottle on a black woman. Was thrown.

The judges discussed it more than 12 hours before reaching the verdict at 2pm. On friday CBS Portland Authorized KOIN Report. The verdict was announced in a packed courtroom, with victims and relatives of victims suffering side by side, The Reported by Oregon / OregonLive. Christian’s mother sat on the other side.

Fletcher closed his eyes as he read the verdict. Some members of the dead male family cried.

Christianity has not expressed any emotion.

Jeremy Christian arrives in Portland, Oregon on January 29th


The raid undercurrents shook Portland, which boasted of its liberal and progressive reputation but also drew a racist past where black families included restrictions on where to live, and a neo-Nazi community was so renovated that the city was named “Skinhead City.” . “The death comes weeks after a black teenager was stabbed to death by a white teenager at a store parking lot in a downtown Portland suburb.

In the days following the stabbing, photos and videos surfaced that Christians had recently attended – and lectured – a rally organized by a far-right party called Patriot Love, whose periodic political events had already caused tensions in the city. He was caught on camera for making Nazi salutes while wearing an American flag on his neck and holding a baseball bat.

His provocative posts on Facebook rightly condemned Portland as a place where his right to freedom of expression was under constant attack. These beliefs were front and center in the courtroom, when Christian told the judge on the first day of trial that he would wear a blue uniform issued in his prison instead of suing because doing otherwise would be like lying.

“I don’t care how much time I spend in jail,” she said. “I’m just concerned to see and hear in public what happened on the train.”

According to prosecutors, Christian 2 boarded a train on the evening of May 27, 2017, and began to give racist, anti-Muslim and xenophobic slogans of two black teenagers. Walia Mohammed, a Somali immigrant and Muslim wore a scarf over her head. Some eyewitnesses said that Christian had a sling on his neck in his explosion and referred to the decaying people.

Ricky John Best (left) and Tallisin Mourdinan Namakai-Meke, who died in an attack on Portland on Max Train, Oregon on Friday, May 26-29.


In the testimony of tears, Mohammed said Christians’ F —- told Muslims to go back to Saudi Arabia. “

Another teenager Destiny Magnam also testified sensitively.

“I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon,” she said, crying. “So, I don’t think I should go anywhere else, I don’t think I should go back to where I was born because I was born here. It just made me think, ‘Why?’ No reason. “

As his tirade continued, Christian grabbed the cell phone and dropped it on the ground. Defense attorneys argued that Namakai-Mekh first approached Christian and tried to portray a tirade that made him feel uncomfortable.

Authorities say another passenger, Fletcher, got up to intervene and engaged in a awkward match with Christian, who told the men to “do something” to stop him.

Cristian then pulled out a 6-inch folding knife and stabbed Fletcher and Namkai-Mekham, prosecutors said. Authorities say he also stabbed a third passenger, Ricky Best, who was standing nearby. Namkai-Meke and Best died at the scene of a stabbing in the neck. Fletcher survived with serious injuries.

Walia Mohammed wept at the stand on Tuesday, January 26th in the murder of alleged Portland train attacker Jeremy Christian


Christian stabbed people 5 times in 5 seconds. He later told a psychiatrist appointed by a court during a mental health assessment that, according to court records, he thought of himself as an “auto-pilot.”

He was arrested a few blocks away.

Christian’s defense attorneys Gregory Scholl and Dean Smith argued that Christians acted in self-defense and were threatened by Namakai-Mekhe and Fletcher. An expert on the defense team testified that, in particular, the Christian made his knife within feet of the moment before the knife was pulled.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors played disturbing videos of the incident, Quinn reported, calling the attack “flat-out cold blood.” Concluding Reason Prosecutor Jeffrey Hayes pointed to the statement made by Christians in stabbing: “I’m blowing Motherf ****’s” and “I hope everyone stabs me to death.”

“These are confessions, ladies and gentlemen,” Hayes said.

Destiny Magnum’s mother, Dzuana Hudson, responded to Quinn by hearing the guilty verdict, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

“I only say yes, because that’s what I wanted to hear,” Magnum said.

Christians have been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Last year, a judge dismissed the murder charge – which carries a possible death sentence – because of Oregon’s new law, which narrowed the definition of accusation.

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