Justice Department says coronavirus may violate anti-terrorism laws

Justice Department says coronavirus may violate anti-terrorism laws

Washington – The Justice Department has given federal law enforcement officials nationwide the green light to use anti-terrorism laws in the United States to investigate and prosecute people who intentionally try or intimidate others with the Coron virus.

At a memorial ceremony for the heads of 93৩ U.S. and federal law enforcement agencies on Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen detailed the tools available to control the spread of the virus and several related crimes. Earth wide.

“[Y]”You can face criminal activity against the intended manifestation and transmission of others through CVID-19, with the threat of targeting specific individuals or the general public, starting with the virus disguise,” Rosen wrote, referring to the viral disease. “Because coronavirus is present under a ‘biological agent’ to meet the statutory definition [federal law], These national activities may involve the nation’s terrorism-related laws. “

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Rosen says the US attorney’s offices have already received reports of “individuals and businesses engaging in various fraudulent and criminal acts” with the threat of intentionally infecting other people.

“Threatening or trying to use COVID -19 Will not be tolerated as a weapon against the Americans, “he wrote.

Civil liberties advocates fear the use of anti-terror laws against those who willfully spread the virus.

Hina Shamsi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said: “The judiciary should not send such a negative and harmful message because the nation is responding to this epidemic.”

To date, no one has faced federal charges for attempting to threaten or infect anyone else, but the Justice Department has taken other cases related to the outbreak. On Sunday, the department received a temporary restraining order to shut down a website that sells Cornwallis as a vaccine. There is no such vaccine.

Rosen’s memo advised federal authorities to work with state and local law enforcement agencies in pursuit of the Coron virus lawsuit, and at least one jurisdiction has already begun implementing anti-terror laws in his state.

A 26-year-old man in Missouri One faces charges Creating a terrorist threat after posting one Video The Walmart Isle, near Tuticor, showed him licking deodorants. “Who’s Afraid of Coronavirus?” Cody Fister said in the video. The court docket indicates he was arrested Tuesday.

Finaster’s attorney, Patrick Quinn, told CBS News that his client picked up the video before the World Health Organization exposed the coronavirus as an epidemic, and that huge restrictions were imposed on public events.

“These are challenging and rapidly evolving times. Public behavior that was immature March 10 looks completely different through today’s lens,” said Cowen. “Everything has changed at the speed of warp, but it should not be worked backwards, and tasteless and persuasive work should not be turned into a terrorist threat.”

Earlier this week, Attorney General William Barr announced that US Attorney Craig Carpenito of New Jersey would lead the department’s nationwide task force to address all crimes related to the Coron virus crisis, in order to address all crimes related to price rise, fraud and hoarding.

“In the judiciary, we are working hard to protect the health and safety of our staff, while at the same time spreading our enforcement efforts across the neck,” Barr said at a briefing with the White House Coronavirus Task Force on Monday. .

The bar is a new executive order signed by President Trump designed to discourage treatment and healthcare delivery, which could endanger patients and providers who need the equipment.

“If you have a large supply of toilet paper in your home, this is not your concern,” Barr says. “But if you are sitting in a warehouse without a masked, surgical mask, you will hear the knock on your door”

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