“Mercy” singer Duffy says he was drugged, raped and held hostage

"Mercy" singer Duffy says he was drugged, raped and held hostage

Welsh singer-songwriter Aimee Anne Duffy, better known as Duffy as a professional, made a claim Instagram post on Tuesday That he was “raped and taken intoxicated and imprisoned for some time.” The singer did not give precise details of when this happened, but cited the ordeal as a reason for his break in his music, which began at 25.

He writes, “Many of you are wondering what happened to me, where and why I disappeared” “” The truth is, and please believe me I am now safe and secure, I was raped, drugged and held captive for a while. . Of course I survived. It took time to recover. ”

Duffy is best known for his 25th debut album “Rockfrey,” which features the single “Mercy.” The album was certified platinum by selling millions of copies worldwide. Her follow-up album “Hopelessly” was released on May 25 and she has not released a new album since she performed poorly on the charts, but has appeared in several films.

At 23, Duffy gave his first live performance in three years to pay tribute to Edith Piaf. He hadn’t traveled in a decade. Tuesday’s Instagram post was his first since 20.

Duffy explained why he “didn’t use my voice to express my pain”, before saying, “I didn’t want the world to grieve in my eyes. I asked myself, how can I sing from my heart? It’s broken?”

Duffy says that after a few years of silence, when a journalist finally reached him, he told his story to someone last summer. He thanked his fans for their “sincere appreciation” and “kindness over the years” and asked for privacy for him and his family.

He asked his fans to submit questions he had, which he said he would try to answer in an interview planned to be published “in the coming weeks.”

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