Nevada Caucasus: Nevada State Democratic Party previews “Caucasus equipment” for new tablet results

Nevada Caucasus: Nevada State Democratic Party previews "Caucasus equipment" for new tablet results

The Nevada State Democratic Party on Saturday showcased a new “caucus tool” to help restrict chairs to tabled results The day of the caucus, Multiple Democrats in the state told CBS News. The Nevada caucuses Will be held on February 22.

The state team emphasized at a volunteer conference in northern and southern Nevada that the new tool is not an “app” like abandoned software Created by shadows, Developer at the center of the delayed Iowa caucus results. The chairs will receive iPads that will be disconnected from the Internet and pre-loaded with new equipment, party workers told volunteers at the conference.

Multiple promotions told CBS News on Saturday that they had “received a high level of communication with the campaign at every step of the way,” despite the state’s public standpoint that they received very little information about the new tool.

The team did not reveal the developer behind the new tool Saturday, but they learned that a team of “security experts” who attended the summit were working with the state team to build the tool.

Even before shadow-evolving applications were removed, multiple Democrats said county parties had already fought to gather the trained volunteers needed to run all the Caucasus sites. Trained volunteers have yet to practice using the new tool themselves. At previous volunteer events, chairs were given extensive training in addition to the opportunity to download chairs on shadow-developed applications and practice their use.

In just two weeks until Caucus Day, the party has a summary of about 1,000 Caucus chairs throughout the state, with multiple Democrats saying they were told at Saturday’s conference. Some volunteers are trying to potentially host two caucuses on their site if the volunteer shortage is not met.

Nevada Democratic Party spokeswoman Molly Forgey told CBS News on Sunday that they had “recruited and trained about 5 volunteers who were scheduled for more than 5 shifts.”

“With this ability we can execute a successful caucus,” Forgey said. “We will be actively recruiting and training volunteers every day until Caucasus Day. Our goal is to keep us accountable for each crisis, so our strategy is to recruit more volunteers than we need.”

Forji did not comment on other details of the story.

The new tool is not described as having a direct role during the upcoming first voting, which will begin on February 7. Leading the site to begin the preliminary voting process, those who were initially supposed to receive their materials on Friday, now plan to take their materials in the coming days.

Iowa Caucasus final results have not yet been made public, as they are awaiting review after multiple reports have been circulated Outline of inconsistencies 95 in total. On Saturday, the Iowa Democratic Party said the results of the re-election would be announced after 12:30 p.m. When the City Review is completed on Monday, the national delegation will finally be allotted.

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