On the battlefield Pennsylvania, Trump pressed the 2020 message at the White House official event

On the battlefield Pennsylvania, Trump pressed the 2020 message at the White House official event

Of President Trump View natural gas plant in a shell There was a formal White House ceremony in rural western Pennsylvania on Tuesday, but it would probably not have been easy for him to hear his statement.

Addressing employees at a still-functioning plant in Monaco, Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump reminded the margins of his 25-victory victory in the county, tightening the administration’s immigration policies of the states he had previously predicted would win, calling the fake “news” media and Has pushed its political enemies in. President Md What clearly employees, hundreds of whom had gathered for his speech, urged him to vote.

“In 2021, we are running, so you better get there and make sure we win,” the president said in his statement, which ran for over an hour and was supposed to focus on the domination and production of American power.

The line between the president’s political program and the official event is often blurred as the presidential election arrives, and Mr. Trump, who applied for re-election on the day he was sworn in, went to the state that was the key to his victory. Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump’s campaign officials and political analysts have acknowledged, is the key to his successful re-election – making his 5th trip to the state since taking office on Tuesday.

President Trump speaks to contractors at Shell Chemicals Petrochemical Complex on Aug. 25, in Monaco, Pennsylvania.


The president bequeathed his predecessors on the occasion, and blamed former vice-president Joe Biden for his country’s possible democratic rivalry. He also took a simple swipe at Elizabeth Warren or “Pocahontas” when the president called for a Massachusetts senator who once claimed to be an American heritage. Biden and Warren are among the top voting contestants.

“If he wins, we have to hit him again,” Mr. Trump added to the Pennsylvania crowd, adding, “Key groups, Pocahontas and Sleepy Joe.”

The president emphasized that he is a big supporter of the union, and says he wants union members to be sure to tell their leaders, “I hope you support Trump.”

“And if they don’t, remove them from office,” said the president, who was trailing in his 67-minute speech on the lines “American Great Again” and “Keep America Great.”

He jokes about serving two more terms.

“Can you think if I got a free press? I mean, we’re leading without it,” the president said. “Can you think if these people treat me right? The election will be over. Have they ever stopped the election before? Just said, ‘Look, let’s go, four more years.’ Yes, and then you really want them to run crazy, go ‘hashtag, third term, hashtag, fourth term’.

Mr. Trump spent a significant portion of his speech citing his administration’s approach to American energy production and protection, perhaps the reason for his visit.

Mr. Trump won by less than 1 percentage point in Pennsylvania in 2016, although his victory on Tuesday was far more decisive than his decision in Beaver County.

Joe Lofgren, chair of the House Administration Committee, has called for information about how the president’s trip is spent on the White House and Trump’s campaign. The president has the latitude to travel to taxpayer dimes for public purposes, and, unlike his White House staff, political speech by federal workers is not subject to the Hatch Act.

“The president often combines government travel with campaign-related political objectives that raise the question of whether American taxpayers should pay for the bill that he pays for his political campaign,” Lofgren wrote in a May Letter White House Counselor Pat Cipolon.

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