Photographer of the Year: Child Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for rising mouse fight on the subway platform

Photographer of the Year: Child Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for rising mouse fight on the subway platform

A moving picture of two rats battling each other on a train platform inside London’s subway has just won one of the world’s top awards for wildlife photography. Sam Rowley won the film, titled “Subway Squabble.” Wildlife Photographer of the People’s Choice Award – An annual competition organized by the Natural History Museum of London.

Sam-Rowley-Wildlife-Photographer-of-the-Year-Winner.JPG Sam Rowley captures this picture of a man struggling to break into a train platform on a subway in London.

Sam Rawley

According to the museum’s website, Rowley spent five nights for his project and took the time to capture the picture on the London Metro system, where an estimated 2 million passengers use it daily. He noticed two rats running toward small stacks of food, when the rats began to bite. In the second part, he is struggling to get the miniature pieces into pieces.

Rowley said in a news release, “If the tunnels require a boxing match to break into very small pieces, they are a great place to live.

The film was submitted to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and, after beating 1.5 other images, was chosen to be on the shortlist of 25 images. He won the “Subway Squabble” contest with more than 20,6 votes. Rowley said he was happy to win the award.

“It was a lifelong dream of me to be successful in this competition, to have such a relatable picture taken in the everyday environment in my town,” said Rowley. “I hope this shows the most familiar unexpected drama in people’s city environments” “

The museum’s director, Sir Michael Dickson, praised the photograph, saying, “It provides an interesting glimpse into how wildlife works in a human-influenced environment.”

“The behavior of the rats is flattened by our daily routine, the transportation we use and the food we discard,” Dixon said. “This image reminds us that even when we roam it every day, people are intrinsically involved with nature at our doorstep. I hope it inspires people to think more about this relationship and to be valuable.”

The film will be shown at the Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition until May 31.

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