Police link neighbor to death of 6-year-old South Carolina girl

A second body of police ID has been found in the Fi Swatliq case

South Carolina police on Friday identified the second body found in the 6-year-old missing case Faye Svetlik Coty as Scott Taylor, the girl’s 30-year-old neighbor. Police said they believed the two bodies were “linked.”

“Our evidence and our investigation shows that they are connected,” Sergeant Ivan Antley said at a news conference on Friday. Taylor was Swetlick’s neighbor, he said, but insisted he was “not a relative, he was not a friend.”

According to Havildar, officers spoke to Taylor and searched her home after Svetlik went missing earlier this week. Antley said Taylor’s residence is only “100 to 150 feet” away from Swetlick. “We talked to Mr. Taylor, we were inside his house,” he said.

Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher officially identified Taylor as a 30-year-old white male. He said more information would be provided after the autopsy later this week.

She went missing in front of her home in Cayce three days later after authorities announced on Thursday that Swetlick’s body was found. He was last seen playing in her front yard at around 3:45 pm on Monday afternoon. After surveillance footage he was shown getting off the school bus.

According to Antley, police discovered her body after a piece of “significant” evidence was found, prompting them to return to the location they had previously searched.

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Faye Svetlik

Family photo

On Thursday, investigators followed sanitation trucks through the Cass neighborhood in Churchill Heights, according to Antille.

“What we were doing was emptying the garbage bins and watching to see what came out before the truck entered,” he said. “As part of that search, we located an important item of evidence related to our investigation of bringing Fay Svetlik home.”

Antley would not say what evidence was shared but it was found that it may have been related to Taylor’s residence and that “item” would have been listed on Swetlick’s missing person flyer.

“Based on that discovery we narrowed down a field that we felt as an investigative team that we needed to go back and look for more evidence,” he said. “Another systematic search of that area … Even though we had been there many times, we were going back.”

According to Antley, Swetlick’s body was located “in a wooden area between his residence and Napa Auto Parts”, where police had briefed earlier in the week.

“Based on preliminary information that we receive from the coroner’s office, we believe that Faye was not in that place for very long,” he said.

Antley said that after finding Switlik’s body, police discovered Taylor’s body at his residence.

No information was provided on the manner of Taylor’s death. He had no criminal history and was not known to law enforcement before the case, according to the Sergeant.

“We want more information about Coty Taylor, which starts at 3:44 on Monday afternoon,” he said.

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