Robert Pattinson wears cape and cowl in teaser video for upcoming film “The Batman”

Robert Pattinson wears cape and cowl in teaser video for upcoming film "The Batman"

Director Matt Reeves gave fans a first look at Capped Crusader’s iconic cape and Robert Pattinson in Cowl on Thursday. tweeting An anticipated camera test of the actor for his upcoming film “The Batman”.

In the clip, set to appropriately ominous music, Pattinson is shown in a low, red light, slowly coming to attention. His suit has a black bat signed on the chest (though it appears to be a metal-plated, and has a thinner outline than the bat worn by Ben Affleck’s most recent iteration of the character), Cowl has his eyes and Cover the nose. In particular, the “ears” of the mask – whose size and style vary from Batman to Batman – are not seen in the shot.

Pattinson opened up about attempting a batsuit for the first time in an interview. Hollywood reporter Last loss

“I remember saying to Matt, ‘This sounds quite transformative!” He was like, ‘I hope it does! You are really in a batsuit, ” he said. “You immediately feel very powerful. And it’s so amazing, something that is incredibly difficult, so the ritual of achieving it is very humiliating. You have five people trying to separate you from something . Once you got over it, it’s like, ‘Yes, I feel strong, I feel hard, even if I had to squeeze my butt cheeks into the feet.’

“The Batman” – which also features Zoe Kravitz as Cello Kyle / Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Penworth, Penguin as The Riddler, and Coleen Farrell as Paul Nano – Set for release 25 June, 2021.

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