“Saved by the Bell” reboot: “Lisa Turtle” Lark Varhis tells “Dr. Oz” that he feels “short and wounded” he doesn’t want to be reunited; Mental health speaks

"Saved by the Bell" reboot: "Lisa Turtle" Lark Varhis tells "Dr. Oz" that he feels "short and wounded" he doesn't want to be reunited; Mental health speaks

Like many old sitcoms, “Saved by the Bell” is about to get another moment in the sun. 80s and 90s hit teen shows Get a reboot soon – But some of the original cast won’t include the actors.

Lark Voorhees, played by Lisa Turtle in the original series, shared an entry from her own diary on the “Doctor Oz” show so she opened up about going out of reunion.

“I have to admit, when I wasn’t invited as part of a ‘Live by the Bell’ reunion as another cast member, I was somewhat relaxed and injured,” Voorhees read aloud during a teaser clip, making his appearance on the Oz show.

“Nevertheless, I also realize that this wonderful disorder can play a big role in making a real decision. [to leave me out]”The Voorhees continue.” With that in mind, I really appreciate the opportunity to work on a show that was so successful. ”

The 45-year-old actress sat down with Dr. Oz for an interview that will be aired Wednesday. The only thing that has been revealed about this interview so far is that he will address his mental health and a reboot that he has not been asked to participate in.

NBC has announced Reboot “Saved by Bell” In September. Mark-Paul Gosseler, Elizabeth Berkeley and Mario Lopez have re-signed their roles and the Ezra actress Josie Parrot: They have also been cast to perform alongside, CBS Los Angeles reported earlier this year.

Voorhees is not the only original cast member who will not rejoin the show, it goes from 1 to 5. Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Dustin Diamond, who were also part of the original cast of six, were not involved in the new project.

This is also not the first time Voorhees has not been asked to join his former castmates for a reunion. Although not an official reboot, several of the show’s stars joined Jimmy Fallon for one The 2015 “Decorated by Bell” skit. Former teen actor and Dennis Haskins, who played the role of Principal Balding, was in the “Tonight Show” section. Voorhees and Diamonds did not.

In 2002, Voorhees denied rumors that he was struggling with his mental health after Diamond Told People Magazine He felt he was “not a lark [he] Knew, “And His mother claimed He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Voorhees responded at the time Interview with Entertainment TonightOne CBS News partner said, “I have no concern for myself, nor do I encourage, show or hold in my life anybody’s cause for concern. [on] On my behalf. “

“It’s totally fabulous,” continued Voorhees in a 2012 interview. People Magazine, of course, says that they stood by their story with the Voorhees and talked for hours with them and their close ones.

Now it appears that Voorhees is ready to speak publicly about his mental health. The actress teased her interview with Dr. Oz on Instagram on Tuesday, saying that they were “told to live with a mental disorder that many do not understand.”

“I am grateful to Dr. Oz, Dr. Modi, my mother and all those who have supported me and healed me during some difficult times,” read Voorhees post. “I hope others bring more mental health awareness to go through the same challenges. Thank you for sharing your stories with me over the years about how strong you all were! I look forward to a bright future and to see great things happen. That can be done! “

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