Sen. Doug Jones to prosecute two white top judges behind the Birmingham Church bombing of 1963

Sen. Doug Jones to prosecute two white top judges behind the Birmingham Church bombing of 1963

In an interview on CBSN Monday night, repeating the politicians of the South in the civil rights era “Red blue, “Alabama Sen. Doug Jones He says concerned History may repeat itself.

“These guys empowered people,” Jones tells CBSN anchor Ellen Quezono. “They empowered people who would otherwise do this kind of thing without being bombed or killed and get away with it. I’m concerned we see something of it today.”

Before coming to office, Jones was influential in the civil rights trials of an era.

While a U.S. attorney in the early 2000s, Jones brought two white supremacists to life for a fatal trial. 1963 bombing of Birmingham Church. The attack killed four young African American girls: Dennis McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Addie’s daughter Collins, and Carol Robertson.

1963 Birmingham Church bombing victim.

CBS News

Almost 40 years after the bombing, Jones successfully helped keep Bobby Frank Cherry and Thomas Edwin Blanton Jr. behind bars. Jones said Birmingham had had an “open sore” for decades and had been prosecuted.

Jones added, “It was the death of four children in the worship room and people thought that the mistake needed to be made right.”

Sen. Doug Jones on CBSN’s “Red and Blue” on Monday, March 18, 2019.

CBS News

The era has emphasized the importance of reflecting narrative injustice. In October of last year, Jose and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Presented Civil Rights Cold Case Record Collection Collection Act.

The Bilateral law Records from unresolved cases related to racially motivated crime will be reopened. Jones says in many cases, most witnesses or defendants are no longer alive, but focusing on their stories will still prove valuable.

“It’s an acknowledgment that we can’t always bring these cases to trial anymore,” Jones said.

“But we can learn a lot today about what happened in the fifties and sixties.”


Book all points

Jones is the author of a recent book that describes when he was suing white supremacists in the Birmingham bombing. Inside “Judging by turning, “Jones also describes his political upbringing as a democratic politician who is regarded as a Republican ball state.

In 2017, Jones became the first Democrat to win the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years. Critics have called Jose’s victory for the special election a fluk after accusations of sexual misconduct against opposition Roy Moore. Jones faces re-election in 2021, but claims he is ready to hold on to his seat, regardless of opponent.

“It’s going to be tough, I’ve recognized it,” Jones said. “I think all politics will be very tribal nowadays in 2020. We’re just going to face it and keep doing what we’re doing.”

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