Senate Democrats question Sanders after his New Hampshire primary victory

Senate Democrats question Sanders after his New Hampshire primary victory

After winning New Hampshire Elementary and finishing strongly in Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will appear as the front-runner for this Democratic nomination for president, leading the Senate to raise alarm.

Senators who support New Hampshire’s fifth-ranked Joe Biden have expressed concerns about Sanders’ ability to moderate voters and fear his nomination will affect the down-ballot race.

Senator Bob Casey says he is most concerned about nominating someone who can apply to voters in the state he represents in Pennsylvania.

“I think there are many candidates who can win,” Casey told reporters. “I think it’s best for Joe Biden to carry Pennsylvania.” “Now we’re moving into an era in primaries where you’re going to states that are much more diverse, more reflective – not just to the primary voters, but to the general election as well.”

The former vice president, who has historically received strong support among black voters, argued that his performance would be greater in whites in more states than most white New Hampshire and Iowa states. He is looking forward to winning, especially in South Carolina, which has a large black population and so this could be a break or a contest for his promotion.

One of Biden’s surrogates, Delaware Senator Chris Koons, warned that having Sanders at the top of the ticket could hurt Democratic senatorial candidates in more conservative states.

“I think that as a person who has faced tough races and met many of the challengers we need to win, and spoke to them, they are concerned about who is at the top of the ticket to get the Senate back, because obviously, all the Senate races are national. Will be, “Koons says.

Koons also argued that Biden would do better in Nevada and South Carolina.

“Joe is doing what he needs to do. He is on the ground in Nevada, he is on the ground in South Carolina. He is communicating with people, he is listening to people, he is enjoying long and good relationships with people in these two delegates more than New Hampshire and Iowa. States, “Koons says.

Senator Michael Bennett, who retired on Tuesday after the disappointing results of New Hampshire, said Sanders’ nomination in a part of the country can be challenging in order to win the presidency and that we have to win a majority. Senate. “

But while Bennett said he would support the final nominee, he would avoid being known among the Senate Democrats. Senator Mark Warner pointed out to reporters that he had successfully avoided weighing initially for months.

“I’m going to support the nominee, I’m not in a position at the moment,” Warner said. “There are many more chapters to be written throughout this whole process, and I have no idea about who gets to the top.”

“I will support anyone who is a nominee. If you are nominated, I will support you,” Senator Sherrod Brown told a reporter who asked if he should support Sanders if he should win. “It’s a process so quick. One kind of screw is caucus, an elementary” “

Brown praised New York City’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently questioned whether Trump was truly a billionaire.

“When I asked him, ‘I was like,’ Are the two billionaires going against each other? ‘And he said,’ Who is the other? ‘ “Brown said about Bloomberg. “So it tells you how well he knows Trump and secondly how smart he is and I will keep it”.

The other two Democratic senators are still running for president, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klubuchar, saying they are going through a lengthy primary process.

“I think it’s likely to be a lengthy process. And luckily, we’ve built our model for the long haul,” Warren told reporters Wednesday.

Klobuchar noted that this was still early in the process.

“This is just the beginning of the competition,” he told a reporter, when asked if there were too many centrist candidates in the contest. “An initial goes awhile.”

When asked explicitly whether to eliminate Joe Biden, Klobuchar laughed: “I’m running my own campaign.”

Miles Nuzzi, Alan He and Julia Bocagno contributed to this report

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