The Coronavirus case has been confirmed in San Diego, with a worldwide death toll of 1,000

The Coronavirus case has been confirmed in San Diego, with a worldwide death toll of 1,000

Follow the latest news on Tuesday’s coronavirus outbreak.

The death toll from the coronavirus peaked at over a thousand on Monday, as more than 12.5 cases were confirmed worldwide. The person who died during the outbreak of the SARS virus in the 21st has died from the flu national virus now.

A CDC official in the United States told CBS News that a person was diagnosed with the coronary virus in San Diego, bringing the number to 3 in the country. The official said the patient was removed from Wuhan, China, on a state department-chartered flight last week.

World Health officials have warned that they may simply be “the tip of the iceberg” as current patients learn more about how the disease spreads easily.

Meanwhile, dozens of new cases, including several other Americans, were confirmed on a separate cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan on Monday. The number of passengers who have already been removed or removed from Diamond Princess for treatment at a Japanese hospital stands at 135.

That includes at least 20 American passengers, of whom nine are in the new 9 new cases confirmed Monday. The majority of the 7,700 passengers and crew remained on the ship’s decree.

China’s government’s attempt to silence people trying to raise doubts about the outbreak – and ongoing efforts to stop people from reporting it – has triggered a sharp backlash on the country’s heavily-censored social media.

The Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Coronavirus Cases Are Different With Growth
Japanese troops and emergency workers sail from the Daikoku Peer’s Diamond Princess Cruise ship, where it is being re-delivered, and after detecting the coroner virus on board 7,700 newly diagnosed coronaviruses, they are taken apart, February 10, 2020 in Japan. In yokohama

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