The Justice Department has announced charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The Justice Department has announced charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Washington – The Justice Department has announced charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his top representatives for crimes related to drug-terrorism, financing and drug trafficking, The United States has identified the United States as the most aggressive action taken against a socialist country.

Attorney General William repeatedly declared superseding an unsealing Indications In federal courts in New York and South Florida Maduro and other Venezuelan officials complained that they had picked up a “drug-terrorism conspiracy” that had been spread for more than two decades.

“As alleged, the Maduro regime is abrupt on corruption and crime. Maduro and his opponents have betrayed the Venezuelan people and corrupted the Venezuelan organization,” Coronavirus said repeatedly at a “virtual” news conference in Washington, DC. “When Venezuelans are suffering, these cables attach their pockets to the meaning of drugs and their corruption, and it has to end.”

In addition to Maduro, Venezuela’s head of the Constituent Assembly, a former director of the military intelligence department and a former general in New York were accused of engaging in drug-terrorism in New York. Bern said the Venezuelan Supreme Court chief justice was charged with money laundering in South Florida, and the country’s defense minister was charged with drug trafficking in the District of Columbia.

Federal prosecutors allege that Maduro and other Venezuelan leaders worked with the Colombian guerrilla group FARC to “try to flood Cocaine with the United States.”

“Maduro deliberately deployed cocaine as a weapon,” said Geoffrey Berman, a U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The decision to bring criminal charges against top officials further intensified tensions between the United States and Venezuela. The Trump administration has been under increasing pressure against Venezuela, seeking to defeat Maduro amid the ongoing political and economic crisis in the country. Last year, the Trump administration froze all Venezuelans’ public assets and barred American companies and individuals from doing business in Maduro’s regime.

The United States and other countries have recognized opposition leader Huan Guido as Venezuela’s leader, and Guida met with President Trump at the White House in February. He attended this year’s State of the Union speech as a guest of Mr. Trump, this time introducing President Guido to Venezuela’s “true and legitimate” and said that Maduro was a “tyrant.”

Nonetheless, Maduro has retained control of Venezuela since the Guadi-led coup last year and the clashes between civilians and Maduro’s security forces. Maduro took over Venezuela’s presidency in the 24th after Hugo Chavez’s death.

The latest Latin American leader in the United States is Panamanian dictator Manuel Nuriga, who faced four charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. Nuriga Surrender After the United States invaded the country and returned to Miami, he was eventually sentenced to 7 years in prison.

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