The Nevada Democratic Party reverses application usage after a delay in Iowa

The Nevada Democratic Party reverses application usage after a delay in Iowa

After a mobile app issues results in a storm of criticism and criticism from the Iowa caucus, the Nevada State Democratic Party announced Tuesday that it was canceling its planned use of the same app.

“The NV Dems can confidently say that what happened last night in the Iowa Caucasus will not happen on February 22 in Nevada,” William McCarthy, the second chairman of the state, said in a statement.

“We will not employ the same app or vendor used in the Iowa Caucasus. We have already created several backup and redundant reporting systems and are currently evaluating the best way forward.”

Iowa Democratic Party and Nevada State Democratic Party Shadow Inc.Is a progressive tech startup led by Hillary Clinton’s top developer in 2016, The two sides, known to the decision, told CBS News, to create a mobile app to report the results and support volunteers at Caucasus Night.

The firm received 58,000 from the Nevada State team Last summer “For technology services” and more than $ 62,000 from the Iowa party “Website Development. ”

Democrats in Nevada on Tuesday confirmed that the application played a central role in caucus chair training in the state before Caucus Day and gave volunteers multiple opportunities to test the app in person.

Both state parties Was reluctant Identify the vendor or provide details of his test process, in addition to safety concerns. As Iowa, backed by paper records for official certification of software results, helped the Nevada Democrats in their upcoming race to report unofficial wins and losses on the night of the Caucasus.

There have been several campaigns I bought the services from Shadow, For the most part “for non-federal digital communications.” The company, “ties itself to creating a” shadow “over the long-term as well as the technical infrastructure for the Democratic Party and the progressive community,” Advertise text messaging and data services Separate from applications made for state parties

The Iowa Democratic Party in a statement on Tuesday blamed a “coding issue” for “only partial information disclosure,” adding that the error “does not affect the limited chairs’ ability to properly report information.”

Nevada has the Democratic Party Heavy investment In designing a comprehensive training program for the Caucasus in the state, which stopped voting early in two weeks and added an extra layer of complexity to the caucus day tabulation. But despite the party’s preparations, two partners in the Democratic campaign in Nevada told CBS News that they feared that the February 22 contest could prove to be a repeat of Iowa’s disappointing delay.

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