Their offices have been shut down by coronavirus, Chinese workers have crashed chat and video conference tools

Their offices have been shut down by coronavirus, Chinese workers have crashed chat and video conference tools

A good number of people in China have been forced to work from home to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, crashing overloaded messages and video conferencing equipment.

With many offices closed, workers and businesses in China have jumped on platforms such as WeChat Work and Zoom, which have been reported Documents Save usage. WhatsApp equivalent to WhatsApp reported that its network crashed after users submerged the platform South China Morning Post.

Demand for Monday’s WeChat work tool is rising on the first day of work for some Chinese people after authorities extended the Lunar New Year holiday. Users’ tidal wave temporarily temporarily scraps WeChat’s video-conferencing feature, which has since been restored. According to the report, a similar application called DingTalk also reported disrupting the service after more than two million users in China tried to send the message.

Coronavirus can slow China’s economic growth

In the Wuhan region of Hubei province where the virus is believed to have originated, a virtual lockdown is underway, with Chinese authorities ordering nearly 50 million people to restrict their movement. Of corporations Goldman Sachs from Facebook Also asking them to work and work from home based in China All staff travel is limited And from the country.

The virus killed at least 565 people, all but two of them, are known. More than 20,000 people are infected with the virus, most of them in China.

The coronavirus is a large-scale test that has effectively forced people to work from home, and even if there is some degree of productivity for remote workers, it will be a huge test. Some tech players, including Zoom Video Communications, are benefiting from the growing demand for their services. The share price of the company has risen 26% since the end of January, rising 15% on Monday.

Reported from inside China, China – the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak

Some academic studies have shown an increase in performance among employees who are allowed – or required – to work from home. One The 2015 study A Chinese travel agency that worked from home for nine months at Stanford University showed an increase of 13% in call center staff.

Communication tools are not only used by the Chinese people to counter shutter business and stringent travel restrictions technology Wall Street analysts say the use of online movie streaming and gaming platforms has also increased. Some film studios have canceled movie premieres instead Publish big-budget movies through video streaming services.

“[T]”His holidays are extended, people are home and they will be scared to go out for a while,” David Dye, an analyst at investment research firm Bernstein, told investors in a research note. In addition to online entertainment, there are many “” options.

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