Virginia election results: Democrats win control of Virginia House and Senate

Virginia election results: Democrats win control of Virginia House and Senate

Democrats wiped out the razor-thin large people held at the State Capitol on Tuesday, and now holds three branches of Virginia’s three governments for the first time in a generation, The Associated Press Report.

The Virginia election has garnered nationwide attention and was visited by national politicians, including Vice President Mike Pence and former Vice President. Joe Biden Because of the signal they should send to the party, especially in the suburbs, Before 2020.

Democrats dropped their performance in the state on May 27, 2017, and on election day, hoping to reduce party performance in 2018.

“Tonight, the ground in the Virginia government has shifted,” Northam said Tuesday night. “Voters have spoken, and they have elected a Democratic major in both the Senate and the House of Delegates. I’m proud of my fellow Democrats and inspired by our shared victory.”

According to a Virginia Board of Elections official, anecdotal evidence suggests that the turnout was higher than the 20-year election.

Democrats in downtown Tuesday strengthened their control over the performance chamber.

In the Virginia Senate, there was a reversal in the Chesterfield seat, where Democrat Gazala Hashmi defeated Republican Glenn Sturdiwant. Hashmi will serve as the first Muslim woman in the Virginia General Assembly, approved by Emily’s list and trained on the National Democratic Training Committee. His seat includes a stretch of Richmond and its suburbs, which could be an indicator of how the race began in 2000 for suburban districts.

Another flip that sealed the deal for Democrats was the 5th Senate District, where Loudon and Prince Williams counties are located outside of Alexandria. Democrat Chris Bell won the seat under Republican Sen. Dick Blake, defeating Republican Gerry Higgins.

In Newport News, Shelly Simmonds, the Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates who lost a random drawing to Republican David Yancey from a bowl two years ago, Won the match again with a big margin, Expulsion of four-term arrival. Their 2017 race was so close it was a count, then went to court. In the end, it was decided by the fate of the draw, when the name of the winner was taken from a bowl.

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