Weinstein saw the accusers as “completely disposable,” prosecutors said in closing arguments

Weinstein saw the accusers as "completely disposable," prosecutors said in closing arguments

Harvey Weinstein believed he was strong enough that he could escape using aspiring actresses as “completely disposable,” a prosecutor said Friday while expressing his argument in a New York City rape case. Joan Illuzzi-Orbone began her closing remarks by showing a picture of Weinstein on the red carpet, saying that she believed she was “the ruler of the universe” and used her power to drive her accusers “roughshod over dignity.”

“The universe is governed by me, and when they step in, spit on, get mad and yes, they raped me and accused me – the king,” he said in imitation of Weinstein.

Using a TV monitor next to the jury box, prosecutors showed pictures of “sopranos” actress Annabella Sayora and five other accused, who also testified. Iluji told jurors that the others were “completely disposable, except for the more successful Sayonora. They could never be in his world.”

1aahw3.jpg Harvey Weinstein reached a Manhattan court on Friday, February 14, 2020 in New York for his rape case.

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Iluzzi goes on to detail Sionara, who said that Weinstein entered her Manhattan apartment at the end of the year or early 7, raped her in bed.

“He fought, knocked, kicked, doing what he could until he was able to fight,” Iluji said.

Illuji also cited the testimony of Dr. Barbara Jeev, a psychiatrist who testified about the victim’s behavior after the sexual assault, and explained why talking about the attack would harm her career.

“What does Dr. Zive say?” Illuzzi said. “I don’t want this person who sexually assaulted me to endanger my reputation, ruin my friendship, endanger my job.”

An epic offer was made by the defense a day after the termination of the Illusion, an hour-long negotiation was argued to portray the case as a “naughty story,” and the allegations were named “rape.”

Weinstein, 67, has been accused of raping an aspiring actress Jessica Mann Other accusers, including Sci-Sayers, who forcibly performed oral sex at a Manhattan hotel room and production assistant Mimi Hale on August 27, have testified as part of a prosecution effort to persuade many women to be abused over the years.

The defense claims that the alleged victims were opportunists who had consensual sex with Weinstein because they thought it would help their careers, Illuji tried to turn the jury’s attention to the rape, forced oral sex, groping, masturbation. Porn offers and “ing couches” experience. He said that the complainants had “given up their privacy” to testify.

“They didn’t come for any pretty competition, they didn’t come for the money, they didn’t come to fame,” said Iluji.

1aasketch.jpg Pictures of courtroom sketches Harvey Weinstein, left, his attorney Donna Rotunno, looking at the center, complainant Jessica Mann

Christine Colonel

Some women testified that Weinstein rejected the plea of ​​”no, no, no” as they were assaulted. Mann commented that he would be violent if he did not say: “If he heard the word ‘no’, it would have been a trigger for him.”

Another woman recalled Weinstein smiling, “You can never make this business, this is how the industry works,” when he laughed at his progress.

In addition to Seyona’s testimony about Weinstein’s encounter in the mid-sixties, Iluyugi also likens it to how Mann responded by how the mogul reacted when he was her boyfriend at 23.

“His eyes turn black and I thought he was going to hit me right now,” Saiora testified.

At the click of a button, the testimony of quality pops up: “His eyes have changed and he was not there. They were very black and he ripped me off my chair and table and shouted, ‘You hate me, you owe me more.’ Time. ‘”

“It is literally 20 years apart, women who have never met each other and are so detailed,” Iluji told the jury. “That’s how you experienced these women along with them.”

He also referred to Mill in Mann and Haley’s testimony, both saying that Weinstein felt “foolish”, calling it part of Weinstein’s plan to make sure they didn’t speak up.

“Belted and dumb people don’t complain,” says Iluji. “They do not draw on their own and they are sure that hell does not complain of their shame in any public place and public place.”

Sexual misconduct Weinstein
Mimi Haley arrives in Harvey Weinstein to testify in the trial of a rape and sexual assault on Monday, January 27, in New York.

Mark Lennihan / AP

The state’s work is complicated because the women who allegedly accused her of maintaining contact with Weinstein after the alleged encounter. Weinstein and some of the defendants have zeroed in on defense against the heated words in the email and other communications that continued for months or even years after the alleged assault.

Thursday in its closing argument Weinstein’s lawyer, Donna Rotunno Creating an alternative universe that “excludes adult women of common sense, autonomy, and responsibility” by comparing filmmakers to filmmakers “writing the script.”

“The strong man in this script is the villain and he is so antagonistic and big, that no woman ever willingly wants to sleep with him Reg does not exist in this world, regrets have been named rapes only,” commented by Rotuno for more than 4 hours. .

Turning to the allegations of the Illusiony Haley on Friday, the counter commented that Weinstein forced oral sex in his Soho apartment at 21 Wee.

“When an adult goes to another adult’s house, should they expect them to be obsessed with sex?” The prosecutor asked. “What did he get at Harvey Weinstein’s house?

He added: “There is no blurred line here. This is a crime and a disrespect to other people.”

Rotunno said Thursday that the e-mail communication between Mann and Weinstein was so tempting that if he described it, Mann was “in favor of the witness.” He pointed to emails where Mann wrote “miss you big man” and “thank you for your continued support and kindness.”

“It’s not the words you told your rapist,” said Rotunno.

The prosecution adjourned the case against Harvey Weinstein

However, Iluji pointed to Ziv’s testimony, who said it was common for victims of sexual abuse to maintain contact with their attackers. Iluzuji himself also pointed to Mann’s testimony, who said, “I know about emails, I’m not ashamed of them. That’s why I’m still here.”

“I know the history of my relationship with him. I know this is complicated and different, but the fact that he raped me doesn’t change,” Mann says.

Iluizi also said that part of Weinstein’s plan was to keep in touch with his accusers, so that he could testify to all those encounters that nothing of the evidence had occurred, essentially “just getting ready for the moment.”

Incidentally, he said: On October 27, Weinstein replied to an email from a publisher stating that the Zionists would go public on the story of Ronan Ferro, writing: “Annabella Kopp landed.”

Weinstein wrote to the publicist on how to respond to this article: “It was a matter of con denial or it was denied.”

“I submitted this to you in a confession,” Iluzuji told jurors regarding the defense’s objection to the denial.

The jury was sent home for the day as negotiations began Tuesday.

– Reporting by Cassandra Guthrie of The Associated Press and CBS News

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